Snap Judgement is a podcast that I have been listening to for the past year that tags itself as “storytelling with a beat”. Think “This American Life meets your favorite mixtape” made by your best friend. What I appreciate the most about Snap is that I get to hear compelling stories from people that I may never have a chance to meet in real life all set to a soundtrack that keeps my head bobbin’. The stories often give me a new perspective that I may not have ever considered before and I am often challenged to look at life through someone else’s story and consider how I live my own day-to-day. So download/stream a couple episodes and enjoy some quality storytelling.

Here are a couple of my favorite stories.

The God or the Man

“Snap Judgment veteran Jamie DeWolf crashes against a towering family legacy with a breathtaking performance.”

Pen Pals

“Storyteller and artist Christy Chan is an American-born Chinese woman. She was confident in her identity until her family moved to a new town and she began getting letters from a mysterious, (possibly magical) stranger.”

J Dilla’s Lost Scrolls

“When record store owner Jeff Bubeck buys an old record collection out of an abandoned storage unit, he has no idea what he’s stumbled across. Jeff learns the collection once belonged to the late great J Dilla, one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time. Along with the thousands of LP’s from Dilla’s personal collection, there is something else that is uncovered, something huge. . .”