John Forté “Spread Love”

May 16

From humble beginnings, musician, John Forté discusses where he is now. With John Forté being an influence in my life in the 90’s through his work with the Fugees, coming from humble beginnings, and going through a life-altering event that took him on a 7 year life-detour I find a lot of parallels to my

While riding the Mexico City metro…

Oct 2

If you ever get the opportunity to ride the Mexico City metro you will most definitely encounter vendors known as vagoneros that sell music CD’s stuffed into plastic sleeves. They are all vying for the attention of busy riders as they hop on and off subway trains and each vendor is carrying some form of

A DTLA Aerial Love Affair

Sep 16

Because sometimes I need a reminder of how stunning downtown LA can be. via @joshfassbind Above the grit and noise of the street, downtown Los Angeles quietly provides some of the most amazing visual detail in its buildings and public art works. This is a selection of those buildings and public arts filmed across some

24 Hours Of Happy

Jan 29

Dubbed as “the world’s first 24 hour music video” LA has never looked so beautiful in Pharrell’s latest video for his single “Happy”. With the simple concept of 4min uninterrupted segments you watch Angelinos dance throughout LA at literally all hours of the day. With minimal set boundaries you get to see locals drive/walk through

The Obsession That Is Northern Soul

Jan 17

So I recently came across Jon Newman’s video for his single “Love Me Again”, because… you know – I gotta keep up with what the kids are listening to these days. Anyways – Stylistically I loved how the video took place in a Northern Soul dance hall (never-mind the ending). The Northern Soul movement emerged

50 Days for Dilla

Nov 21

And Dilla fans the world over rejoiced… Thank you Ta-ku Buy Volume 1 » Buy Volume 2 »

The Spoken Words of Propaganda

Aug 25

I have been listening to Propaganda since 2003 when he was collaborating with The Tunnel Rats crew and later came out with his solo album “Out of Knowhere”. It has been great to see him back on the scene lately under the Humble Beast label. The story that he shares with I Am Second is