150 people will get clean water thanks to your generosity!

Take a moment to celebrate this milestone with me! 😉 My wish for my 30th birthday was to give clean water to those in need and through your generous donations you made my wish come true! I cannot express enough how incredibly thankful I am for your generosity and friendship! With approximately 800 million people still in need of clean water I am excited to know that we reduced that number by 150! Your donations will get sent to the field on May 8th and charity: water will be sending updates in the coming months. Thank you again making my 30th birthday one to remember!

My Wish For My 30th Birthday Is To Bring 150 People Clean Water

On March 8th 150+ of my friends and family came together to celebrate my 30th birthday and raise money for clean water projects in developing countries. With 800 million people without access to clean water I wanted to do my part by pledging my birthday and asked for donations to my charity: water birthday campaign instead of gifts for my 30th birthday. The night started off with a taco cart serving up tacos and Jarritos generously donated 300 sodas in support of our cause! A big thank you to Jarritos for their generosity and support!


No party is complete (at least in my family) without piñatas so we had three piñatas made in the likeness of the three birthday boys. They were a great hit (pun intended) although it felt weird to watch some of my friends beat my cardboard likeness – some with more force than was necessary to get the job done! I’m looking at you Jake Shaffer!


We encouraged extra style points for people to dress up from their favorite dance era and gave them glow sticks to get the party started.


We took a break in the middle of the night to share a video from charity: water’s September campaign to help give a greater sense of the real world impact of our birthday campaign. After the video I was able to share my heart behind the event and got a chance to express my appreciation for everyone in attendance (Thank you again to everyone who came!) and thank them for their influence in my life. We followed this up with signing “Happy Birthday” to the 3 birthday boys and cake which was generously made by my aunt. (As you can see it got a bit jostled in transit)


We Reached Our Goal of $3,000!

It has been such an encouragement to watch the donations come in over the past couple months! Through generous donors we reached our goal of raising $3,000! That’s incredible! A big heart-felt thank you to the 34 donors who helped us reach our goal! On May 8th our funds get sent to the field and put to work to bring clean water to people in need. I’m looking forward to posting updates in the coming months!