For The Love of Cartoons

Sep 23

A little known fact about me is that I LOVE to watch cartoons. I don’t subscribe to cable TV or own a TV for that matter, but if I did I would just so I could watch the Disney channel and Cartoon Network. I know. I know. This may come as a surprise, but let

Trans-cultural: Together At Last

Sep 18

I feel like the term “multi-culutral” has been coming up a lot lately in various conversations over the past several months. I am currently working at a church in West Los Angeles that is located in a neighborhood currently going through a season of gentrification. On the same block you can have a section 8

My Neighborhoods According To The 2010 U.S. Census

Sep 16

Scott Mehl recent shared an article from Aljazeera America titled “America still divided by race”. I found this very interesting as I often find myself crossing multiple ethnic, racial, and socio-economic lines in any given day. So this made me curious to take a survey of all the neighborhoods that I have lived in to