50 Days for Dilla

Nov 21

And Dilla fans the world over rejoiced… Thank you Ta-ku Buy Volume 1 » Buy Volume 2 »

Stack And Scare

Nov 1

The latest from Invisible Creature and Uncle Goose… “Stack And Scare™ is a series of 4 stackable wooden monster block sets. Each Roar! set contains 14-18 pieces in various shapes and sizes. Featuring eyeballs, teeth, horns, arms, rounded shapes for shoulders and eyes, monster heads, hands, feet, legs, torsos, patterns and more. Mix and match

When Motion Meets Movement

Oct 21

Every so often I come across a project that makes me say “Man! I wish I made that.” Via: Soh Tanaka

The Culinary Inspirations of Roy Choi

Oct 17

Roy Choi. I call him the culinary prince of LA. Of course that’s just in my humble opinion, but it’s hard to argue against. Immigrant kid, raised in and by L.A, food truck revolutionary, and mastermind behind a restaurant collective with enough flavor to keep your tastebuds satisfied year round. Am I fan? Ya I

Vertical Video Syndrome – A PSA

Oct 15

Please watch and adjust your habits accordingly. Don’t say that nobody ever told you! “Motion pictures have always been horizontal. Televisions are horizontal. Computer screens are horizontal. People’s eyes are horizontal. We aren’t built to watch vertical videos.” In the words of Notorious B.I.G. “If you don’t know now you know.” Watch more Glove and

The Urban Bee Keeper

Oct 9

I was introduced to the art of bee keeping by Nate Murray and have been fascinated with it ever since. Bee keeping isn’t apart of my daily reality so it was intriguing to learn how crucial honey bees are to my urban way of life and also worrying to learn that there is currently an

For The Love of Cartoons

Sep 23

A little known fact about me is that I LOVE to watch cartoons. I don’t subscribe to cable TV or own a TV for that matter, but if I did I would just so I could watch the Disney channel and Cartoon Network. I know. I know. This may come as a surprise, but let

Trans-cultural: Together At Last

Sep 18

I feel like the term “multi-culutral” has been coming up a lot lately in various conversations over the past several months. I am currently working at a church in West Los Angeles that is located in a neighborhood currently going through a season of gentrification. On the same block you can have a section 8

My Neighborhoods According To The 2010 U.S. Census

Sep 16

Scott Mehl recent shared an article from Aljazeera America titled “America still divided by race”. I found this very interesting as I often find myself crossing multiple ethnic, racial, and socio-economic lines in any given day. So this made me curious to take a survey of all the neighborhoods that I have lived in to

How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

Aug 31
Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 6.58.00 PM

Have you ever been curious of how many people are in space RIGHT NOW? www.howmanypeopleareinspacerightnow.com will tell you in real time. At the time of this post there were 6 people in space from the U.S., Georgia, and Italy. via Big Spaceship Forward Thinking Vol. 139